Goths suck
I hate them
I like to stomp
And smash their toes

I am so scary
With my Noisex shirt
I never smile
Damn, it hurts

Laibach's God
And :Wumpscut: too
(I stomp too much)
I need more boots

Give me pain
Because life is lame
I hate you all

You haven't heard
Of (some obscure band)?
Holy SHIT you suck!
You fucking lame-ass poser

What's that shit
That's played in clubs?
Fuckin' VNV, VAC
I want Hypnoskull

Power noise
Is the latest sound
The harsher the better
And really loud

Damn, I'm elite!

Covenant sucks rocks
EBM shit
Industrial my ass!

Damn, I'm hardc0re!

Erica Grrstomp

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