Franks Sucks!

Frank sucks!

I like talking dirty about Chemlab
I smoke and I drink
I'm Joe Frank and all other bands stink

My music doesn't exist
I do it for sex appeal
It's sounds like a machine
Cause they don't get record deals

I can't write lyrics
My message is rude
I hate all deejays
I think I'm one cool dude!

Whatever I tell you
It's totally true
Unless Jared from Chemlab
Decides to sue

We don't like Chemlab
We hate Virus 23
We don't care for Hellbent
I just think I'm owed money

Frank sucks!

My records don't exist
I give my fingers a twirl
I wish I could have kids
If I could only get a girl

Frank follows the crowd
Trying for an ultimate sound
And a message from Jared
If you turn it around

You might think I stupid
But in fact I'm worse
I have no redeeming value
Except my ability to curse.

I can't write a song
To save my life
No doubt about it
Frank sucks!

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