Beyond Industrial Music

"Industrial" Artists of Note (of which I am aware):

H.R. Giger (Swiss surrealist responsible for the aliens in the aliens


Aidan Hughs (old KMFDM album artist)

Me (responsible for annoying self-promotions)

"Industrial" Slogans of to remember (kinda amusing):

"Every Day is Halloween"

"Go fuck yourself"

"Hmmm? I'm wearing black because of the death in your family. Oh, haven't you heard?"

"MPAA = Censorship. Censorship = Artistic Death"

"Legalize Drugs"

"Legalize bestiality while on drugs"

"The only real music is angry germans singing out of tune and banging on sheet metal." (ala Neubauten and SPK for those who are unlearned in the ways of industrial lore)

Use this one if you want the instant respect (or at least puzzlement) from any other happy little rivethead "Eeew. Gristle and Voltaire are too soft. I listen to Masonna." (telling people you listen to japanese noise bands will always gain you some admiration/fear)




Hmmm. I'm fresh out of ideas.

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